Picazzo’s is amazing to start with. Their organic and gluten free focus puts them at the top of the list for those with gluten concerns when eating out. I’ve normally stuck with their pizza (which is delicious) so this was my first venture into trying their pasta options. This dish didn’t disappoint.

While it claims it’s spicy, I wouldn’t say it’s all that spicy. Then again, I like things hot. The dish includes fresh fusilli pasta, chicken, broccoli, green onion, mixed veggies and fresh basil, topped with almonds. It wasn’t listed on the menu, but mine also had eggplant. The dish was very flavorful and hearty – perfect for a chilly winter day. It also arrived with nice texture gluten free bread on the side.

For those with egg sensitivities, Picazzo’s also offers an egg & wheat free linguini as well as an egg and wheat free flat bread. I haven’t personally tried these options, but it’s nice to make an effort to cater to a variety of allergens.

After reviewing Picazzo’s menu, there are so many other non-pizza dishes I want to try – lasagna, eggplant parmesan, canelloni… Guessing I’ll be frequenting my nearby Picazzo’s regularly to test out some more of these mouth watering options. Stay tuned for more Picazzo’s delicious-ness!

Do you have a favorite dish at Picazzo’s? Please share in the comments!