This gluten free lasagna recipe made in the Instant Pot is a great dish that I find easy to make and the family LOVES. And no one would ever guess it’s gluten free.

With a few easy to find ingredients, it comes out amazing every time. Oh, and I also sneak in a bunch of veggies – and not that much meat – so it’s somewhat healthy the kids get some extra vitamins. Let’s dive in!

Your shopping list will include: 

  • Barilla (or your favorite brand) gluten free lasagna
  • Mezzetta (or your favorite brand) pasta sauce. I love the tomato basil one from Mezzetta
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese (shredded)
  • Parmesan cheese (shredded)
  • Veggies of choice – I prefer zucchini (both yellow and green), eggplant, red or orange peppers, mushrooms, carrots – whatever strikes your fancy. Chopped in small squares.
  • Meat of choice – I like using ground turkey. It’s leaner than beef and I think gives it a lighter flavor. If you prefer ground beef or sausage, that’s fine too. *Tip* I only use about 1/4 – 1/2 lb of meat for a family of 4. I like the nice balance of flavors, heavy on the veggies, and don’t care for the meat to overpower the dish, but you do whatever works for your family.
  • Instant Pot

Chop Your Veggies

Chop your chosen veggies. I’m cooking for 4 people (including 2 teenage boys) and I use about half of each vegetable. So a half eggplant, half zucchini, half yellow zucchini squash, a handful of carrots and a handful of mushrooms. I’ve also used red, yellow or orange peppers. I don’t care for green peppers as they seem to be a bit more tart and acidic than the yellow, orange and red, but use whatever you like. I chop them pretty finely in small cubes. You can see about how small I chop them in the yellow zucchini photo below. I chop until I have about a soup bowl full of veggies.

Start Your Sauce

In a large saucepan, heat a bit of olive oil on medium heat. Once warm, add in your meat of choice and the chopped veggies. I just sauté all together for about 5 or so minutes.

Then add your sauce and chicken broth. I use about half or 3/4 a jar of pasta sauce and maybe a cup or so of chicken broth. *Tip* – it’s ok if the sauce seems runny. The lasagna pasta soaks it up every time. Lots of sauce and not too thick is a winning combo.

I don’t add any salt to the sauce. I figure the pasta sauce and chicken broth probably already have plenty. I do usually add some of Kirkland’s No Salt Seasoning, which is great and works with almost anything you cook. Simmer sauce on medium low while you prep lasagna noodles.

Get Your Lasagna Pasta Ready

While your sauce is simmering, stage your gluten free lasagna pasta. I usually count out 12 or 14 lasagna pasta pieces. I use a butter knife to spread ricotta on each piece and lay them out so they are easy to grab. Once you have these ready to go, you can remove your sauce from the stove and place it next to the Instant pot. *Tip* – It doesn’t matter if the veggies don’t seem totally done yet. The pressure cooking in the Instant Pot will finish them off.

*Tip* – Butter or otherwise grease the Instant Pot. This will help prevent the lasagna from sticking to the sides and bottom as much. Also, add a bit of sauce in the bottom of the Instant Pot before adding the lasagna pasta.

Layer the Lasagna

After you put a bit of sauce in the bottom of the Instant Pot, let the layering begin. Take two gluten free lasagna pasta pieces with ricotta and place them side by side (overlapping slightly is fine) in the Instant Pot. Add a spoonful of sauce. Now add two more lasagna pasta pieces, GOING THE OTHER DIRECTION – so criss cross, like the first set of two going North/South and the next set of two going East/West.

Add another spoonful of sauce on this 2nd layer, and also add some shredded mozzarella and parmesan to this layer. I repeat this criss cross, with sauce on every layer, but only adding cheese on every other layer.

Repeat this until you you have used all of your 12 or 14 lasagna pieces. Make sure to reserve some sauce for the very top. It may seem like you have too much sauce left, but trust me, you don’t. Pour the remaining sauce over the stacked layers and add some more of both cheeses on the top. You can also add some fresh ground pepper if you like.

Set your Instant Pot for Manual and make sure the venting is turned off – so that it is on pressure cook. Select time for 22 minutes. Relax and enjoy your favorite beverage while the lasagna cooks. You’ve earned it.

Gluten Free Lasagna is Served!

Make sure to listen for the timer on the Instant Pot. Even with buttering the Instant Pot, and placing some sauce in the bottom of the pan, the lasagna will get a bit done on the bottom and tend to stick. Because the “Warm” function stays on even after the timer and cooking ends, this can cause the bottom to get extra done. So you want to release the steam and make sure the Instant Pot is off as soon as the 22 minutes is up.

Let the lasagna sit for 5 – 10 minutes with the lid on lightly. It will be very hot when you first open it and the extra few minutes lets the pasta absorb any remaining sauce. It also helps the lasagna set up so it’s easier to keep some shape to it when you take it out. If it’s too hot and runny, it still tastes amazing, but it kind of falls apart doesn’t look as nice on the plate.

It’s time to enjoy your creation! Have you tried gluten free lasagna in the Instant Pot? Was it successful? Do you have other ingredients or tips to share? Add them in the comments! I’d love to hear if you’ve made this or a similar version and how you liked it. Enjoy!


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