Fall Tips for Health

Jack O LanternsThis past summer and fall have been a whirlwind. With summer travel, my oldest starting Kindergarten, new routines and additional duties (such as volunteering in the library at school), this fall has been an adjustment to say the least.

There were quite a few days I wasn’t sure what my name was. My son seemed to handle the transition to Kindergarten much better than I did. Managing two different school schedules (elementary and preschool) has proven to be much more of an adjustment than I expected. … 

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Take Time to Smell the Roses – or Watch Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons in SkyI know I’ve been a little MIA lately. Work has been crazy busy. A good thing, but of course that leaves less time for personal projects, like this blog. Trying to keep all the balls in the air is an ongoing quest as we all well know.

This post doesn’t have anything to do with gluten, but it does have to do with taking little moments when you can to just stop and enjoy the moment. That of course does tie into health and happiness so it’s fitting here. :)

I heard the kids get up on Sunday (early as usual). I was lying in bed knowing I had minutes before I had to get up too. The scooting chair across the kitchen floor means they are headed for candy, cocoa, or sugar. Or if the fighting over the same toy starts, someone has to referee and “make it equal.” I was trying to enjoy the last few minutes of being horizontal (I am not a morning person)…. 

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Celiac Disease on Auto Decline List of Many Insurers

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I wasn’t even aware my doctor had run the test. I had gone in for a regular blood test thinking I was low on iron, or maybe my hormones were off or something (I’d just had two kids back to back). She never mentioned anything about a possible food allergy and she never mentioned celiac disease. She called with my regular results a few days after my visit and reported it was basically normal. I went on with my life and continued not feeling 100%. … 

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Celiacs Benefit from Chiropractic and Massage

I’m a firm believer that preventative health measures including exercise, vitamins, chiropractic and massage can do wonders for your health. My dad is a great example of this. He’s 82 and aside from an unexpected surgery last year, has never taken a thing besides vitamins. He’s and ex pilot who loves motorcycles and we can barely keep track of him. we joke that we need to embed a GPS system in him so we can figure out where he is half the time.

Many years ago I was having horrible problems with what was ultimately diagnosed as IBS. Who knows if that was it, or if was really undiagnosed celiac disease. After many specialists, invasive tests, unpleasant medications and all with no result, I’d given into the fact that I was just going to have to live with it. … 

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